Visualize unbiased qualities of the real estate market using a decision tree
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By entering just three pieces of information, you can find the actions you need to take.

propTREE uses unique methodologies to analyze comparable condominium properties* within a specified distance from the selected address
to find out the effective parameters in terms of price/size.

*The sample data used is currently from condominiums only. Data from detached houses and land are not included.

Floor Plan
Year Built

You can choose from either a rental or sales report.

proptree decision tree

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propre propTREE

How to create propTREE

Flow from request to completion

Step 1
After sign-up and log-in, specify the property type, address, radius, and property characteristics (year built and floor plan). Click on the "Submit propTREE Request" button to request a decision tree analysis.
Step 2
The propTREE request summary will display "Processing". Please note that it may take up to one business day to complete propTREE so that we can provide the most accurate results.
Step 3
You will be notified by email once your propTREE has performed its analysis*. The request summary status will change to "Completed" and the purchase button will be displayed. Please click on the Buy button to complete your payment.
*It may not always be possible to create a decision tree. In this case, the status will be "Unavailable" or "Error", and no purchase can be made at this time.
Step 4
After payment is complete, a "Show propTREE" button will appear in the request summary. Click to view the Decision Tree Analysis page for more tips on increasing your revenue.


Single ReportJPY 10,000

Single report is now
JPY 500(Tax included)
First 1000 reports
This service is currently available only in the 23 wards of Tokyo.
Please log in to request data.

Step 1Please set the property type, central location (address, station name, building name, etc.), and range.

Step 2 (Optional) Select property characteristics

Year built
Floor plan