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We independently gather and organize property information from all around the world to share with our users. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone is able to get as accurate picture of property markets as possible.

Company Profile

Company Name
Propre Pte. Ltd.
Date of Establishment
December 8 2017
Paid-up Capital
SGD 6,028,984.05
#20-02 18 Robinson Rd, Singapore 048547
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited
Business Overview
  • Development and operation of global property information database
  • Development and operation of property data related web services(
  • Provision of services associated with cross-border property transactions (Cloud Tasking™ ,etc)
Company Name
Propre Base Inc.
Date of Establishment
10 June, 2021
Propre Pte. Ltd. 100%
402 Oak Bldg. 6-9-7 Takenotsuka, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Legal Counsel
TMI Associates
Business Overview
  • Establishment and Maintenance of a Global Real Estate Database
  • Big Data Management Advisory Services

Origin of propre

Propre compiles information about properties across the world and makes it publicly available in various languages, currently in Japanese, English, and Chinese. Also Propre provides information about property investment regulations, which differ from country to country, in order to support cross-border property transactions.

Our service’s name 'Propre'—an alternative form of 'Proper' meaning appropriate, honest, and clean—is meant to call forth 'property' as an asset. 'Re' at the end of 'Propre' also refers to 'real estate'.

Key operating members at Propre have actual experience conducting cross-border property investments. Our services arise from deficiencies we felt needed to be filled in order to address issues and challenges we experienced through our own cross-border property investments.

Investment in properties in distant countries with different languages, local customs, and environments may involve huge risks. In such situations, it is difficult to assess if even basic property information provided by local property agents is reliable. Therefore, we consider it of first and foremost importance to solve information asymmetry to carry out successful property transactions based on mutual trust between sellers and buyers.

Through Propre's services, you will be able to assess the sales/purchase price of the target property by comparing with the surrounding market. Generally, an excellent property should be priced with a premium compared to the surrounding market. Our services offer convincing justification to those who are interested in purchasing such excellent properties when they make investment decisions. You will be able to present the attractiveness of your properties to potential customers across the world through Propre's platform, based on reliable and transparent property information.

Furthermore, Propre provides new solutions to remotely manage distant properties. In addition to monitoring cash flow information for each property online, Propre offers on-demand property management services, enabling property owners to order tasks customized to each property when necessary.

We are striving to create an environment where users across the world will be able to purchase and manage distant properties in a smooth and increasingly efficient manner.

The Crew

The key members of Propre are a unique and professional group with diverse backgrounds.