propSCOPE for RENT

Specify conditions to acquire rental market information

  • 1. Specify Area (Available only Japan & Singapore at 2022 Sept.)

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    Range (radius)
  • 2. Specify floor plan or unit size

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Note: There may not be sufficient data depending on the combination of selected area and floor size.

Why choose propSCOPE for RENT?

  • Always up to Date

    All necessary information is constantly extracted from our massive and daily refreshed real estate database, to then be accessible in clear and concise charts.

  • Set Any Location

    You have the freedom to obtain rental market information of any location, unrestricted by pre-listed districts or train station categories.

  • Side-by-Side Comparisons

    Set up two different kinds of floor plan types or apartment sizes, for a clear side-by-side comparison.

All the basic information anyone needs in the real estate business,
provided in an instant.

  • As supporting documents for conducting due diligence
  • Material for macroeconomic asset management analysis
  • As a periodic report for enhancing communication with property owners
  • For simpler, more efficient comparisons of larger areas for potential investment
  • To reduce workload involved in gathering basic information when starting new projects

What insights can be gained from propSCOPE rental market information?

Basic Totals

Number of listings and estimated rental yields of the past year, within a specific area, are shown according to selected layout types, sizes, and displayed numerically. (Group1 on the left, group 2 on the right)

propscope base info sample

Distribution of rent/area

Listed properties are counted according to their listing price per area, and displayed on a histogram. A separate histogram displays the proportion of rent/area ranges for different ages of the property.

propscope rent distribution sample propscope rent proportion sample

Trends in Rent per Area

Movements of the past year's average listed rent/area is displayed by property age. In addition to this, the year's averages are displayed as numerical values.

propscope rent trend sample

Trends in Supply & Demand

Movements in the number of new and closed property listings are grouped based on rent/area and property age, then displayed as a line graph, to visualize the gap between supply and demand.

propscope supply and demand trend sample

Trends in Profitability

The past year's rental yields averaged over 3 month periods are grouped by property age and displayed as a line graph.

propscope profit trend sample