Frequently asked questions about propCHART

You can find out more about the features and services about propCHART, Propre's real estate market analysis service.

About propCHART Services

What can I do with propCHART?

propCHART provides a factual picture of the real estate market trends in a selected region by visualizing sales or rental prices/area unit and liquidity* on a monthly and weekly basis over time for any analyzed region.
In the first chart, the horizontal axis is the price/area unit and the vertical axis is the probability that a deal will be done within two weeks, and you can see how the ease of lending and selling changes with price.
The second chart shows trends in price/area unit, yield and number of properties available. *Liquidity means "ease of lending" and "ease of selling". It's expressed in terms of Propre's own calculation of the probability that a transaction will close within two weeks.

What are the target Regions?

As of July 2020, propCHART is available for properties in Japan. The coverage of regions will be expanded subsequently.

Can I use propCHART for personal use?

Yes. Anyone can use this service free of charge.

Should I sign up as a member?

You can use propCHART without signing up as a member, but if you do register as a member, you will be notified when the coverage region is expanded or when new analysis options are available.