Trend of the property market in Yangon at a glance

2020 Edition

Map of Assessed Value of Property Taxation in Yangon

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We have created 'Map of Average Assessed Value of Property Taxation in Yangon -- 2020 Edition' based on the local property tax information on Yangon published by the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

for land price evaluation
You are able to visually assess and compare areas with the highest and lowest average property taxes in Yangon region.
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your favorite spots!
Review the specific assessed value for a target spot in Yangon.

Foreign investments have been flooding into Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar, thanks to rapid democratization since 2012. "Map of Average Assessed Value of Property Taxation in Yangon -- 2020 Edition" is a comprehensive resource that can not only be used for land valuation, but also as a tool for site selection to find the best retail location, office space, or residential area.

These maps are the product of our heat mapping technology (sale, rent, price, turnover, etc.)*1 in combination with our field survey effort*2 in Myanmar.

*1 Our track record of creating over 50,000 heat maps on 17 countries worldwide
*2 This product is the culmination of the local field survey conducted for several months and our business network in Myanmar developed for over a 10-year period.