The world’s first ‘Dynamic Heat Map’ enables internationally comparative analysis of properties in 15 countries!
Press Release

Propre will release its ‘Dynamic Heat Map™’(patent pending), enabling users to compare the property markets in 15 countries (Singapore, Japan, the US, Canada, Ukraine, Germany, France, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand) dynamically and simultaneously.

While the existing Heat Map is useful in reviewing and comparing properties within a given area, the Dynamic Heat Map™ will enable more flexible analyses by incorporating more properties and areas, with dynamic zooming and scrolling on the map.

Users used to be able to analyze properties within a limited region, such as ‘neighborhood of Shibuya Station’, but now can make comparative analysis of properties between Shibuya and Shinjuku, for example, and places further afield–between Shibuya and Singapore, Malaysia, or other countries across the world. 

In addition, while the existing Heat Map provides analysis from the two perspectives of ‘Price per Size’ and ‘Turnover’ separately and independently for property sales and rental markets, the Dynamic Heat Map™ users will be able to analyze property sales and rental markets at the same time. The Dynamic Heat Map™ addresses various questions of users, such as ‘Does the area with a higher sales Price per Size also generate a higher rental Price per Size?’ on the global scale. 

We will be adding other analytical perspectives to Dynamic Heat Map™, allowing users to conduct a wider range of customized analyses.

Dynamic Heat Map™️

Dynamic Heat Map™ services will be available to any users who complete a free membership registration.

The Dynamic Heat Map™, currently for 15 countries, will be expanded to include additional countries worldwide.