Our ‘Static Heat Map’ for free membership has now been extended to cover 7 countries!
Press Release

In June 2019, Propre’s Static Heat Map expanded its coverage to 7 countries, as follows: Indonesia ・ Australia ・ Canada ・ Singapore ・ Thailand ・ Japan ・ Germany

The Static Heat Map is based on Propre’s original analysis of big data of properties across the world, enabling users to review and compare freely the property sales or rental market or a specified region of approx. 1 km2 in terms of ‘Price per Size’, ‘Demand’, and ‘4-quadrant Analysis with Price per Size x Demand.’ The Static Heat Map was previously only available for Japan, but with good feedback from users, it is now available for the seven countries. *

Through the Static Heat Map, users will be able to

・ overview the distribution of Price per Size and Demand for properties in a specified area;

・ review how a target property is positioned in the area;

・ draw an objective conclusion based only on qualitative analysis with Propre’s big data and original algorithm

The Static Heat Map is in line with and further advances our mission to create an inclusive and transparent property market where everyone has access to accurate information and to make property investments a part of life, and it is intended to be utilized by a wide range of users for free.

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*: The coverage of the Static Heat Map is currently under upgrade, and soon will include 17 countries worldwide.