We newly released “HEATMAP ANALYSIS”.
Press Release

Using data from Propre’s immense property database, we will create a unit price and market liquidity heat map for every major area in Japan. Our four-quadrant analysis method can show you whether your property is located in an area of aggressive rent pricing. We can provide supplementary reports to address the following customer needs:

“I want to build an apartment on vacant land but I’m not sure how much rent income the apartment will generate.”
“I am considering investing in a condominium but I’m not sure how much I can expect my rental income to increase in the future.”
“I want additional analysis based on hard data at the time of a property disposition.”

Firstly, we will offer four-quadrant analyses free of charge for any requested areas for the first 1,000 registered members as a promotional campaign to launch our official services (standard pricing is 3,000 yen per report or 10,000 yen for up to 100 areas per month). (Please note that we may not be able to fulfill a request depending on the area.) This service is currently limited to Japan but we plan to increase target countries in the near future.

Click here to request rent analysis for a targeted area.

Heatmap Analysis