Frequently asked questions about propPITCH

You can find out more about the features and services about propPITCH, Propre's real estate market analysis service.

About propPITCH Services

What can I do with propPITCH?

propPITCH is a service that allows you to visually analyze how property features(parameters) impact unit price/size and liquidity of properties for rental or sale. The vast amount of property data collected by Propre can be used for various purposes such as finding buyers for sales properties quickly and discovering parameters that may improve rental/sale prices or help increase tenant utilization rates. In addition, Propre’s property big data is useful for comparative analysis of property markets in terms of price/size and liquidity in a heat map form.

Can I use propPITCH for personal use?

Yes, Propre's PropPITCH can be used by a wide range of users including condominium owners considering renovation plans, sales persons to generate more revenues, etc.

What are the target areas?

As of May 2020, the service is available in the 23 wards of Tokyo. Target areas will be expanded in due course.

Heat maps for rental properties are not displayed.

A heat map can be created only when 100 or more properties satisfying your request criteria have been listed for sale in the last 90 days. Since the number of rental properties exceeds properties for sale in a given area in general, heat maps for both rental and sales properties can be created when 100 or more sales properties are available. However, there are rare cases where the number of rental properties is less than those for sale, and subsequently heat maps for rental properties are not available. Please note that a heat map can’t be created in propPITCH when less than 100 properties are listed for sale, regardless of whether more than 100 rental properties are available. propPITCH faq heat map image

About Subscriptions

What can I do with the one-month free trial?

Each subscription plan is provided free of charge during the first month as a trial. The scope of features available during the free trial period is subject to your subscription plan, so please review the plan details before signing up. Please note that optional features are separately paid services regardless of the subscription plan under free trial.

What is the difference between propPITCH Lite and propPITCH Standard?

propPITCH Lite allows you to request up to 100 heat maps per month with selected parameters, while propPITCH Standard has no limitation on the number of requests to create heat maps. Both propPITCH Lite and Standard offer an optional function to watch historical development of heat maps.

I cannot make a new request.

A maximum of 5 requests can be received per account at the same time. If there are five requests in progress at the same time, no new requests can be accepted.

About Add-on Functions

Where can I purchase the add-on features?

Various optional features can also be purchased directly using the [Unlock] button for each feature on the Analysis Results page.

Time-series heat map options remain the same as requested.

The time-series heat map is a heat map of data from the time of the request for a period of up to 12 months in the past. Once created, the time-series heatmap can be viewed at any time, but the data will not be updated. If you want a time-series heat map with new data in the following month or later, please purchase the option again.

A part of the Time-Series Heat Map is not displayed.

Time-Series Heat Map Animation presents a series of historical monthly heat maps, each of which is created based on properties listed for the last 90 days (“90-day period”) within the sampling date. Please note that you may find the following situations when the number of properties in a given 90-day period is less than 100:
- Some parts of the Time-Series Heat Maps for sales properties are not displayed.
- Some parts or all of the Time-Series Heat Maps for rental properties are not displayed.
- Some parts or all of the Time-Series Heat Maps for rental properties, and some parts of the Time-Series Heat Maps for sales properties are not displayed.
In the case of requests where the number of sales properties for the last 90 days is less than 100, Time-Series Heat Map services are not available at all. propPITCH faq property count image

About Payment

What are your payment options?

You can use all major credit cards for online payments. If you would like to make a bank transfer on an invoice basis, please contact the help desk using ”Send a Message” at the bottom left of the screen or your sales representative.

When is the settlement date?

For credit card purchases, the date of purchase is the date of settlement. Please inquire of your credit card company about the debit date for your credit card.

What is the renewal date of the subscription?

The date and time of your subscription purchase will be the date and time of your monthly renewal. For example, if you purchased on April 24 at 13:24, your next renewal date will be May 24 at 13:24. If your purchase is made on the last day of the month, your renewal date will be the last day of each subsequent month. propPITCH faq renewal image

My subscription has been terminated due to a credit card payment error.

Please click the "Resume" button to the right of your subscription plan under "Your subscriptions" on My Page to begin the resumption process.

About Change of Plan

I want to change from propPITCH Lite to propPITCH Standard.

You can upgrade at any time, and the features of propPITCH Standard can be used immediately after upgrading. New plan rates will be effective from the next renewal date. propPITCH faq changing plan image

I want to change from propPITCH Standard to propPITCH Lite.

Please cancel propPITCH Standard from My Page and purchase a new propPITCH Lite subscription after the next renewal date. The canceled functions of propPITCH Standard can be used until the next update date. Please note that the free trial offer will not be applied to propPITCH Lite if purchased subsequent to a propPITCH Standard purchase. propPITCH faq pro to lite image

About Cancellation

I want to cancel my subscription.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Click on the menu icon at the top left of the screen to enter My Page. Find the subscription plan you want to cancel under "Your subscription" and click on the "Details" link in the Action column. Click the "Cancel Subscription" button to complete the cancellation process. Even after you cancel, you can still use the service until your next renewal date.

I want to undo an unlocked option item.

I'm sorry. The optional service is complete when you unlock it, so it cannot be revoked.

I want to resume a subscription plan that I cancelled once.

Please re-purchase the subscription plan that was previously subscribed. Please note that the one-month free trial will not be applied to such re-purchased plans.